Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Keukenhof, Flowers, and the Sun.

How amazing it is that our planet sits in the orbit that it does. It never really ceases to amaze... the insane odds that our sun should provide such perfect nourishment for life as it does. Living diversity on the planet Earth is essentially never ending. Flowers are just one of many humbling developments in the history of the planet.

My family is lucky enough to live in close proximity to the largest flower park in the world, the Keukenhof is located in Lisse a short train / bus ride away from Amsterdam. The history of the garden is 500+ years old and much more can be learned by visiting the official site here:

Pictures tell the best story, other than an actual visit, but alas the place is just stellar.

Anyway, we've been once, but are likely headed back in the spring. It is officially, 'worth it' by family standards. The anticipation gets me wrapped up in the idea that that the sun provides many types of energy that are naturally absorbed and used by the earth and they are so integral to our lives that unless you are a farmer, you rarely think of them. Growing Food and Growing Flowers has the sun at the crux. What makes for good sun conditions when growing flowers?

Basically, flowers are varying degrees of three types, sun loving, partial shade loving, and shade loving. Naturally, the bulk of flower varieties fall into the middle category, and basically as a grower you can rely on these basic tips from .

'Those that like hot sun will do well on the south side and west side; those that do not like heat will do better on the east side in morning sun. Those that prefer shade to part sun will do well on the east side and northeast corner. Those needing full or heavy shade will do well along the center of the north wall.'

...ummm, yeah that's it for today.